Update: There’s a domain change coming!


Crime and Relative Dimension in Space wasn’t always Crime and Relative Dimension in Space. It started out as a personal blog or, rather, a journal. Of course since then, a lot has changed, but the URL has remained the same.
Now, “grummelmaedchen” isn’t really me anymore, nor is it really user-friendly for a mostly English-speaking audience. (And of course now that CARDIS has found its identity, it’s a little bit about branding, too.)

That is why, as of July 1st, 2014, you will be brought all the TV meta and reviews that you want exclusively from crimeandrelativedimensioninspace.wordpress.com.

This domain, grummelmaedchen.wordpress.com, will remain available so no-one loses their way, I’ll set it up with a homepage telling visitors old and new all about the new home. The import of content should go without a hitch, but bear with me if you can’t find something immediately.

As soon as the transfer is complete, please head over to the new domain and subscribe via wordpress or via email to help me keep you up to date on what’s happening.

2 thoughts on “Update: There’s a domain change coming!

    1. Andrea Mareike Abel Post author

      I thought about it briefly, yeah, but I’m more comfortable with the free version. I mean, I deal with the .org CMS at work because we recommend it to clients and I know how to do all of it, but considering how much traffic I usually get and how much (read: little) time I can realistically invest into the blog at the moment, I don’t really see the benefits of paying for a domain. This is good enough for me, in terms of rebranding. 😀


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